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Volume One (2008): Genres & Cultures
ISSN: 1946-1992

In this first volume of Appositions, you will find:

* 16 Articles
* 4 Book Reviews

Our nineteen authors represent 5 countries (Canada, Cyprus, Ireland, the UK & the US) and, within the US, 7 states (CA, CO, IL, NJ, NM, TX & WI).

These articles first appeared as conference papers for the first-ever, fully electronic conference in the field of Renaissance & early modern literary and cultural studies. That event took place in February, 2008 on the Appositions site, where you may find a program by scrolling-down the TOC and clicking on the triangle for January. If you would like to see a copy of the CFP for that event, click here:

Essays from the conference have been reviewed once more by the Editorial Board, expanded, revised and/or edited again, then collected into this volume.

If our electronic platform may seem relatively modest (considering what might be possible these days in the digital realm), our content, we hope, will strike you as first-rate material. In our opinion, we have assembled a diversified and robust gathering of articles and reviews in Volume One of Appositions that all strike a vital balance between traditional and innovative concerns in the field. The content speaks/reads for itself, but, of course, we also hope to hear from our readers. You may post your questions and comments via the “post a comment” link at the bottom of each document page.

We hope you enjoy your visit, and that you’ll share Appositions with your colleagues, friends, and students.

The Editors

24 / 17 / 16 + 4 = proposals submitted / papers presented / articles + reviews published


APPOSITIONS: Studies in Renaissance / Early Modern Literature & Culture,, ISSN: 1946-1992, Volume One (2008): Genres & Cultures


Meltzer, Sharon B. “Genre, Culture, and the Moment of The Merchant,” Rpt. Shakespearean Criticism 132 (2010).

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