Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stella Achilleos: "Anacreontic Sociability"

Dr. Stella Achilleos
Assistant Professor
Department of Languages and Literature
University of Nicosia

The Anacreontic and the Growth of Sociability in Early Modern England

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Anonymous said...

very much enjoyed your article. It provides such an insightful reading of the emergence and transformation of the anacreontic in early modern England. The genre does seem to have suffered the neglect of modern scholarship - rather undeservedly so, as your article serves to demonstrate. Your discussion of the broader social and cultural dimensions of the reception of the anacreontic in England is quite intriguing. At some point you also mention that the genre acquired some political connotations in the mid-seventeenth century. Could you expand a little further on that? That sounds like an interesting idea to develop.