Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jeremy Fiebig: "Everything New is Old Again"

Jeremy Fiebig
Waldorf College

Everything New is Old Again, or Practical Pedantry: Audience Inductive Techniques on the Stage


Anonymous said...

As someone who teaches Shakespeare as part of literature classes, I am always more or less desperate for ways of thinking about the plays in performance, so I am especially grateful for your systematic description of the "original practices" movement. To me what is most impressive about what you've done as a director is not the historicity of the practices (as you say, the idea of originality is historically problematic) but the way they simply let you do interesting things with the drama.

Anonymous said...

Most of my research is in the area of adaptation so I found the original practices, the examples you provide, and how they can form "new artistic modes of performance" very interesting!