Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bill Acres: "Officers & Stations"

Dr. Bill Acres
Huron University College
The University of Western Ontario

Officers and Stations:
access and accessibility to sources in manuscript, calendar and digital form


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jmoser2@du.edu said...

This is most admirable inquiry! There is no quesion that access and expertise are mutually important. If the first could be provided for, the second is then more critical.

Putting practicality aside, and prioritizing precision, I am wondering whether one or two doctoral students working for ten to twelve months, or a post-doctoral fellow working for one-two years might be better than convening a team of six students over four months. Nonetheless, as Acres precisely identifies, funding and support is needed for further effort to transribe and digitize the war accounts.

It stikes me that such finding would be most worthwhile for teh british government to support, not only for the benefit of historians but for monarchial archives and genealogical purposes. Such information, if accurately prepared, transcribed and digitized, could add to research efforts that would only improve from these records made available for reliable cross-reference and English history that forms the great backdrop to Early Modern literature.